Super Typhoon Yolanda

We appreciate your prayers for Albert (who arrived in the village on Tuesday), the Banwaon and the whole of the Philippines as what is being calledan Extremely Catastrophic Super Typhoon and is considered as the most powerful of all Super Typhoons for 2013, HAIYAN (YOLANDA) rapidly approaches Central and Southern Philippines.

This typhoon/cyclone is reportedly worse than Cyclone Pablu/Bopha which decimated much of eastern Mindanao in December last year and left over 2000 people dead.

Destroyed Banwaon House Dec 2012

If it keeps to its current path, where Albert and the Banwaon are will catch the edge of the cyclone.  Albert wrote last night that the people are taking the warning very seriously and building shelters and even cutting down trees that are near houses.

But, he writes, “So cool to hear them so often mention that ‘the Lord is in control’ and ‘we just have to trust Him with it’.”

Pablu Banwaon shelters

The cyclone is due to go right over the area of Bohol and Cebu that just a few short weeks ago experienced a severe earthquake.

Pray for safety for all people of the Philippines.