Why We Didn’t Celebrate Easter….


….well actually, this year, we DID celebrate Easter.

And it was special.

We attended a moving Service of Shadows on Thursday night, followed by a sobering Good Friday service.

It was delightful to have our young-adult children stay with us over the Easter weekend.  Together we went to watch the outstanding movie Risen in our little local theatre.


Then a joyous Resurrection Sunday worshiping with our lovely home church.

He is risen indeed!

Christ’s death and resurrection.

The cornerstone of our faith.

The reason we have hope.

God’s mind-boggling plan from the beginning of time.

For us.

And yet, amidst the joy of celebrating Easter with our parents, children and church family, there lingered a sense of unease.  How DO we as Christians reconcile the massive onslaught of commercialism?  Chocolate eggs, cute bunnies, more chocolate, Easter markets, Easter hat parades at school.

It’s confusing.

Cross and bunnyhttp://eastercoloringpages.blogspot.com.au/2010_08_01_archive.html

Do people, whether Christian or not, even stop and think about WHY we happily pay ridiculous prices for fancily wrapped eggs or rabbits?

Why are there eggs or rabbits anyway?

And if these things truly originated with worship of a pagan goddess of fertility and/or worship of the sun, should we have a part in it? Continue reading