Crazy Days


In the crazy wonderful weeks prior to leaving the village to take our kids back to Australia for final school exams …


  • Printed and collated the newly translated book of Romans to add to the Banwaon Bibles and …
  • Printed and collated the accompanying Romans Bible lessons into complete books and …
  • finished off the first draft of 1 Timothy with his translation helpers and …
  • had an extended session with all the Bible teachers going over the rest of the book of Acts to be taught while we’re away and …
  • went up to the village at least twice a day to continue training and handing on oversight of community development projects to the guys here and …
  • met numerous times with church leaders to help them as they are working through some very difficult issues and ….
  • saw dozens of people who came to the porch to see him about various things each day.

Whew – I feel exhausted just writing all of that!  Thankfully his back is holding up well –  thanks if you were praying for him!


Sara –was an enormous help to us, spending many hours laminating covers for Bible lesson books, cutting them to size, sewing bindings by hand with Banwaon ladies and helping Albert put the new books of Romans into over 90 of the existing Banwaon Bibles currently in circulation.  As she’s fluent in the Banwaon language, she also helped answer the door for the many visitors each day.

SaraPhillip – tried hard not to panic with all the study required for his final school exams back in Australia.  He had his head down, tail up finishing preliminary exams, assessment tasks, coursework and realizing the days in his jungle home were rapidly drawing to a close.  Of course, he also managed to fit in a big paper fight with all the scrunched up old schoolwork!




Lynne – spent an hour a day with our South African guest Brenda, going through her extensive and enlightening Member/Missionary Care course.  Lynne also packed the house up into metal boxes in an attempt to keep the nasties out while we’re away.  In between packing, she also answered the door and filtered visitors for Albert.


Our guest, Brenda – worked hard on her Member Care Manual and preparations for teaching upcoming seminars in India and other places.  Along the way she enjoyed some of the culture and life among the beautiful Banwaon.  It’s been fun seeing things through Brenda’s eyes.  At times we feel like we live in the middle of a National Geographic magazine.



Stevie – tried very hard to get out of doing his Distance Education schooling with all the flurry of packing and excitement going on (and very often succeeded!).

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