Fathers’ Day



September 1st,

  is Fathers’ Day in Australia.

Father’s Day is unheard of amongst the Banwaon.

 Being so far from my own wonderful Dad, and our daughter Bec being apart from Albert, times like these are particularly poignant and bittersweet.  The ache of not being there in person on special days is somewhat compensated for by a greater awareness of how precious the relationship and person is.

 And so I started to think about fathers.

 The heavenly Father who is perfect, loving and complete.

 I pondered the fathers of the Banwaon tribe.

While they are many and varied and certainly not perfectly loving or complete, we thank the Lord for the numerous strong, faithful and godly men who live here.

Our partners who started the work in the 1980s tell startling stories of days gone by, before there were Christians, how it wasn’t uncommon for men to fly into terrible drunken rages, chasing their wives around with machetes.

 It’s marvellous the difference the Gospel has made over the years.

 Women play a vital role in Filipino culture, but with the focus on fathers, we invite you to especially join in celebrating what God is doing amongst the Banwaon men here … and also to pray with us for mature, spiritual men who will help lead their families, the church and community into the future.

Photo credit:  Brenda Bosch