The Banwaon people of the Philippines are indisputably a beautiful people. But they live in a remote location far from medical help and the normal supports of society.

Village from air 2012One of our greatest challenges is knowing how best we can help.

It’s not easy living surrounded by so much need. Where does one even BEGIN to start?

Over the years, as a team we have done what we can to share the love of Christ in practical ways. It’s important to us to not just alleviate immediate needs such as emergency medical evacuation cases, but to constantly be searching to help the people in a way that will benefit them long term.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Chinese Proverb

Clinic buildings have been built. Medical workers trained. Clean water has been brought to most of the villages.

Some of the projects we are currently helping with include:

P1040966Water Projects – We have committed to getting a clean communal water source to each of the main villages in the area.  Read more …




cat surg recovery room KPMedical help – Medical work has been an integral part of our mission work right from the start.  Read more …




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABaby bundles – One of our great delights is handing out a “Baby Bundle” to mothers of newborn babies.  Read more …




Pablu1Disaster Relief – It has often been said that no nation seems to have endured as many natural disasters as the Philippines, yet consistently come through with resilience and smiles.  We have seen this ourselves over and over amongst the Banwaon people.  Read more ….


Education – National Filipino hero, Jose Rizal, was a staunch advocate of education for all his countrymen.   The Philippines Government is working hard to provide education for all.  Yet in some of the furthest reaches of this beautiful archipelago, even a simple education remains a great challenge.  More details coming soon explaining how education is becoming an increasing priority for Banwaon children and families.  Stay tuned!

Where does the money come from?  As all New Tribes Mission/Crossview Australia workers are self-funded via the donations of churches and individuals, almost all the funding for the above projects comes from our personal support.

We do have a Banwaon Project Fund and Banwaon Literature Fund established with both NTM and Crossview Australia.  Funds that are specifically given to these accounts go straight towards projects as mentioned above.

The Banwaon Literature Fund was established by previous Banwaon mission workers specifically with a view to help with current literature/literacy needs such as the Literacy Program, printing of Bible lessons and curriculum development, as well as saving for the printing of the translated Banwaon New Testament when it is completed.

Stay tuned! …. This page is currently under construction. More photos and details to come SOON!

“Now the only way you can serve God on earth is by serving others.”

Rick Warren