Baby Bundles


So simple.  So basic.  Yet so deeply appreciated and such a help and blessing to these precious little lives.

A  Banwaon Baby Bundle contains a few basic necessities such as new-born shirt, shorts, baby blanket, knitted booties and cap, baby powder, soap and clean strong cotton flour sacks which is the preferred “lampin” – diaper/nappy.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs well,  women in Australia have knitted dozens of baby booties and beanies for Banwaon babies, and raised money to purchase Baby Bundles, each bundle costing around $20.00.

As mentioned on our Medical help page, in days gone by the infant mortality rate was a shocking 50%.  Thanks to Government childhood vaccination programs and ongoing education about hygiene and basic health care by missionaries, teachers and clinic workers, most Banwaon babies are now generally well cared for and healthy.



Many new mothers, however, have very little in the way of clothing or supplies to welcome their newborns into the world.

When I think of the loaded nurseries and dozens of outfits, disposable diapers and wide array of baby supplies the majority of babies in our western cultures enjoy – it gives me deep pleasure to see the great delight the new Banwaon mothers take in receiving a simple Baby Bundle.



Some mothers walk several kilometres just hours after giving birth so they can receive a bundle and have a photo taken of their new little one.  Maybe because so many babies died in infancy in the past, it has now become something precious to the people to have a photo of their newborn.

So taking a photo, having it developed then laminating it to protect against the humidity and dirt, has become part of the Baby Bundle gift.


As funds become available we plan to add bottles of multi-vitamins for the new nursing mothers.

The Banwaon Baby Bundle project has been on-going for over 15 years, but has always been contingent on gifts towards the project.


For many years, one lady in Australia collected aluminium cans to sell as well as saving her loose change.  When these savings reached a certain amount she would take the money to the bank and forward a cheque to us so more Baby Bundles could be purchased.  Dozens of babies were given a little boost at the start of their life as a result of this generous and kind gesture.

As with all practical projects we are involved in amongst the Banwaon, you can partner with us by praying, encouraging and helping practically through the Banwaon Project Fund.


But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.  Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

Matthew 19:14