Heroes and Haiyan

“Those guys are great – they’re just the awesomest!

They’re definitely my heroes”.

 DSCN2761 Joel by plane

These were our son Phillip’s words as we were discussing how our mission pilots are involved in relief work in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

We have enormous respect for not only the skill of our mission pilots …  but they’re all just really great guys with outstanding godly characters!  And all with wonderful wives and families, too.  P1040086

Our view of these “awesomest” pilots has only been amplified as we’ve heard how they have been helping organizations such as the Red Cross with reconnaissance flights, taking emergency supplies to hard hit areas and mobilizing to assist relief efforts.

Josh Dalton

With heroes and role models over the years such as pilots Martin, Jerry, Werner, Ken, Brian and Joel, we are thrilled that Phillip is planning on being involved in mission aviation himself.


Phillip has finished his school exams and is in the process of looking for an aircraft mechanic’s apprenticeship as the first step towards this goal of being a missionary pilot.  A hero in training??


Super-Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief – for those who’d like to help:

* Pray for our current New Tribes Mission Aviation (NTMA) pilots in the Philippines – Brian, Joel, Josh and Zach – as they fly.  For safety, for good weather conditions, for Christ’s love to flow from them to those they come in contact with, for help to get where it’s most needed.

* NTM and Crossview Australia have set up a fund to help with these relief efforts.  Donations can be made via the NTM website or Crossview Australia websites. For Crossview, mark the gift as going to “Other” and in Extra Details, write “Philippines Disaster Relief Project”.

THANK YOU to all who have contacted us to make sure Albert and the Banwaon people are safe. DSCN2889

We’ve been blessed by your concern.

Albert is currently back in the Philippines for several weeks working on translation of the books of 2 Timothy and Titus.

For those who’d like to read more information from the frontlines, check out:


Finally – if you’ve read this far, you deserve a treat … I happened to see this photo on a popular Philippines News site – and it made me smile.

Something we love about the beautiful Filipinos is their incredible resilience in the face of disaster.  Only a Filipino could wear a t-shirt that says “Today is my lucky day” and be shyly smiling after facing such desolation.  A true heroic spirit!

Lucky Day Philstar http://www.philstar.com/

Please keep the people of the Philippines, and those involved in relief work, in your prayers!