No longer needed?

On the road

“LORD, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing…” Psalm 16:5

With a slight sense of surprise I found tears trickling down my cheeks as I drove away from visiting the girls recently.

Mind you, I was also leaving my husband behind. Much of this year he’s been working hard on some accommodation for the kids down south.

Our new son-in-law’s parents and brother recently arrived from England for a visit and the whole house was bubbling and bustling with fun and noise.

Sara and André had prepared a tantalizing smelling chicken curry and were happily serving up dinner for the eight lively people gathered around the table.

Inlaws having tea

But Stevie and I had to get back home, two hour’s drive away. One of the recent eastern seaboard storms was building and the sky was black.

Despite Stevie’s presence, suddenly I was alone and unneeded.

Everyone was functioning fine.

Without me.

It was a strange and new experience.

I allowed the tears to drizzle, driving north as fast as I dared trying to outrun the storm (within the speed limit of course!). Two hours on a long straight road is a marvellous time for reflection and prayer, even with lightning slashing on the horizon.

As I drove, I realized I was going through what many parents experience when their fledglings leave the nest and happily fly unaided.

My own mum “lost” both her daughters in one week many years ago as we left to begin new chapters in our young adult lives.

Soon comfort came as the Lord reminded me that despite the ache, this is a normal part of the cycle of life.

Maybe our situation is slightly exacerbated? Not only have our three oldest left home and are moving on with their lives, but in this case the parents are leaving home too – in fact, not only are we leaving home, we’re leaving the country!


But after all, God reminded me, this is what we’ve been aiming for bringing our children back to Australia. We WANT them to live dependent on Him – not on us.

What more can any parent ask?

Our three young adult children are all well settled, happy and thriving.

Slowly my sadness turned to joy and praise. Yes, what more could any parent ask!

As I thought about our “other life” among the Banwaon tribal people, I reflected that our goal for them is the same as for our children.

Not to be dependent on us, but fully dependent on God.

Already the Banwaon are standing alone and strong as a church, healthy and thriving, well grounded in their faith and trusting God for so many things. But there is still more discipleship to do and of course the translation of the New Testament to complete.

A marvellous goal.

To be not needed anymore!

“When your private world feels unsteady and you grip My hand for support, you are living in conscious dependence on Me.”

Sarah Young, “Jesus Calling”

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