The Reality of Easter

Reality of Easter

Firstly, for fun – have a look at the video our friend André, who recently visited from England, put together showing his impressions of the motorbike trip out of our place –  Trip out of the Banwaon Tribe

The Reality of Easter

Until we started receiving emails wishing us “Happy Easter” and Phillip and Stevie’s teachers reminded us to have work uploaded to them before the Easter break, we’d kind of forgotten about Easter.

Not very good Christian missionaries are we!…

Yesterday I wrote a status update on the ever-ubiquitous Facebook:

Easter is a bit of a non-event here in the tribe.

No, let me clarify that.

The Easter HOLIDAY is a non-event here.

The REALITY of the Easter message is a daily celebration

in the lives of the people who’ve accepted it.

On Easter Sunday, while sitting in the batbat (church meeting) surrounded by Banwaon believers in Christ, and with André’s video fresh in my mind, I thought about how the Gospel has gone to some of the most remote places of the world.

I looked around the faces in the batbat and the real impact of the Easter message struck with renewed force and clarity.

Daday and others airstrip

These were living, breathing embodiments of personality sitting before me – living lives so different yet essentially the same as ours.  They live, they love, and they relate daily to other individuals, they bring up families, love wives, cook food, struggle with illness and the challenges that life brings their way – just like we do.


Unique individuals Jesus created, and loves intensely.

People with whom He wants to live in pure relationship with – eternally.  So much so He sacrificed Himself to save them from eternal separation from all that is Good.  From the other reality – everlasting damnation.

My eyes went from one to another to another, and I saw those who have been forever freed because of this real message.  Individuals such as …

  • Jimi – the intelligent smooth lines of his face soaking in all that Birtu was teaching.  Freed!  Alive forever!
  • Grandma – scrunched up as usual in the corner, her wrinkled face and sunken cheeks offset by ever twinkly eyes, neat white hair tied back in some sort of twist, multiple strands of beads wound around her neck.  What amazing changes she’s seen in her life.  Freed from the darkness!  Going to Heaven!
  • Mersi – so young, her face still rounded, trying to look cool in t-shirt and jeans.  Freed!  Alive!

…  and dozens more in Sunday’s batbat as well as hundreds of other Banwaon individuals spread throughout the surrounding hills who are free and alive because of the Easter Reality.

Grandma apu

And then I wondered ….

But what about the rest who don’t yet know?


Andre, Sunday 25 March, 2013 – England

Sharing at his home church about how his time amongst the Banwaon tribal people deeply impacted him …

Regarding the 7000 unreached people groups in the world today:

“…The vast majority have minimal if any exposure to the person of Jesus Christ and the Good News of God’s free gift of salvation ….

And here’s the thing, you say, but yeah André, there’s lost people here in Poole.

But here’s the difference.  These people, they’re not people who aren’t saved, these are people who CANNOT be saved.

And the reason they cannot be saved is because there is nobody there …  Anyone here can go on Google and search the Gospel message … and then you can go into a church.

But there, they CANNOT be saved because if I’m correct and if the Bible’s right, you read in Romans it says how can they believe in Him of whom they have never heard?  And how can they believe if someone hasn’t preached to them and how can they preach if they’re not sent?

….. there are 110,000 evangelical Christians for every unreached people group.”


The verse André quotes is from the book of Romans. 

Please pray this coming week for the official translation check of the book of Romans which Albert has just completed.

 For more fascinating (and be warned: challenging) facts on the unreached of the world, visit:

Andre Kaamulan tracts b&w