Super Typhoon Yolanda

We appreciate your prayers for Albert (who arrived in the village on Tuesday), the Banwaon and the whole of the Philippines as what is being calledan Extremely Catastrophic Super Typhoon and is considered as the most powerful of all Super Typhoons for 2013, HAIYAN (YOLANDA) rapidly approaches Central and Southern Philippines.

This typhoon/cyclone is reportedly worse than Cyclone Pablu/Bopha which decimated much of eastern Mindanao in December last year and left over 2000 people dead.

Destroyed Banwaon House Dec 2012

If it keeps to its current path, where Albert and the Banwaon are will catch the edge of the cyclone.  Albert wrote last night that the people are taking the warning very seriously and building shelters and even cutting down trees that are near houses.

But, he writes, “So cool to hear them so often mention that ‘the Lord is in control’ and ‘we just have to trust Him with it’.”

Pablu Banwaon shelters

The cyclone is due to go right over the area of Bohol and Cebu that just a few short weeks ago experienced a severe earthquake.

Pray for safety for all people of the Philippines.




Let there be light!

Earlier this year I was telling a friend about the following sweet, life-vignette that had happened just that day.

Today a lady came to buy a Banwaon Bible and she also wanted a Bible lesson book used by the Bible teachers.

Banwaon Bible

Inay Rujin is a lovely, gentle lady and in her shy soft-spoken way she said “I really want our very own books because each night we have been borrowing copies from other people so we can read them to our children.”


I could just visualize the couple sitting by the flickering kerosene homemade bottle-lamp in their simple, dark house as the village settles down for the night, reading to their kids who would be lying on the woven mats on the hard floor waiting for sleep to eventually come. Continue reading

Keeping the Rats Out

The children here continue to make me smile.

Yesterday a little boy came on the porch with his mum. He’d been gold-panning in the river and had earned some money.

And what did he want to spend his hard-earned cash on?

A metal box to put his clothes in because he’s just sick of the RATS in his house ruining his clothes and things.

We had these metal “latuns” made up in an effort to help the people protect their things from rats. But I’ve never had a child want to buy one of his own before.

His big grin has had me smiling all afternoon.

Latun boy

6 June, 2013




Too cute for words.

These little tykes were on my porch this morning asking if they can please have the “Tupperware” I’d put out for the taking (ie Albert’s old plastic and metal containers from his workshop – he’s having a cleanout).

The delighted smiles on their faces when I said “Of course!” … made me naturally run for the camera and notebook to capture the moment.

Small delights.

Sounds in the night

Tonight – it’s achingly beautiful.

The singing of the people drifting across the little valley from the meeting house into my window.

Songs they’ve written themselves. In their own language. In praise and worship to God.

I’m sure the heart of God must be delighted too.

sumat - singing


phi·lan·thro·py :  a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities

Without a doubt, a large part of missionary work revolves around Bible translation, preaching the Gospel, developing Bible lessons and discipleship.

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations….”

But it’s almost impossible to live amongst a people group in a developing country without showing the love of Christ in practical ways too.

 “Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you.   Or thirsty and give you something to drink? ….”

From the very start of the work with the Banwaon people in the 1980s, medical work, community development projects and other practical help has been an integral part of the ministry. Continue reading

The Reality of Easter

Reality of Easter

Firstly, for fun – have a look at the video our friend André, who recently visited from England, put together showing his impressions of the motorbike trip out of our place –  Trip out of the Banwaon Tribe

The Reality of Easter

Until we started receiving emails wishing us “Happy Easter” and Phillip and Stevie’s teachers reminded us to have work uploaded to them before the Easter break, we’d kind of forgotten about Easter.

Not very good Christian missionaries are we!…

Continue reading